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Underground is about eradicating bad dreams, bad thoughts and in turn bad people from your life. Peace.


Underground - Salt lake City

Intro Drum & Bass - 8 Bars
Guitar comes in - 8 bars

Verse begins - 16 bars
As I wake up on this spring morning
open are my eyes heavy as I fall
back to sleep gazing out the window
there before me a dark man stands
He speaks words at me he talks to me
and what he says is words of hate
and destruction words of hate
words of hate & destruction

Chorus 1 - 1 bar of 4/4 triplets - then a bar of 2/4
Words of hate & destruction x 2

Verse 2 - 12 bars (in recording its 12 but it actually should be 16 bars)
As i wake up on this spring morning
Open are my eyes, heavy as I fall
back to sleep Gazing out the window,
for trees & sunbeams
they stare back at me,
just the way it should be
Just the way it should be

Chorus 2 - 1 bar of 4/4 triplets - then a bar of 2/4
You are not welcome here x2

Bridge - (in the cd version the song ends here after the bridge)
We have now extended the song so instead of finishing after the bridge
it goes for another verse, chorus & bridge/outro

Break for 1 bar

Verse 1 repeats - 16 bars

Chorus 1 repeats - 1 bar of 4/4 triplets - then a bar of 2/4

Outro - 8 bars (sometimes extended for guitar solo though)


from One Step Off The Ground, released December 9, 2014
Recording Artists For ~ Forbidden Rhyme (DEMO)
Vivienne Louise Tatnell - Guitar/Vocals/Songwriter
Natacha Dupuy - Piano
Allira Jade Preuss -Flute
Peter Kearney - Lead Guitar
Lachlan Bruce - Electric Guitar
John Considine - Bass
Vish Vadivelu - Drums



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SALT LAKE CITY "Melbourne Band" Australia

Initially starting out in Bakehouse Studios Melbourne their first 6 songs recorded at Studio 52 in Collingwood releasing their sell out EP Launch @ The Evelyn in JAN 6 2011.

The ensemble continues to feature the humble acoustic-driven simplistic-songs supported by intricate-flute-melodies, funking-guitar-licks, grooving-bass-lines, and tight back-beats.
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